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What we do and why you'll love us:)

There are a lot of companies you can choose from. Accent Flooring makes it simple and easy to to get your project done, done right, and quickly. Simple up front pricing, no over budget costs, we don't stop working until he job is complete and your 100% happy:)


The easiest way to get the job done right. 

Accent Flooring...we cover everything.

  • Wood Flooring Installation - below and above grade.
  • Solid and engineered wood.
  • Staple, glue and staple, full trowel installation.
  • Refinishing- sand and finish natural, sand, stain and finish. Custom color any color!
  • Buff and coat.
  • Extremely low dust. Nothing is dustless. Low VOC finishes (earth friendly) Repairs Sales and service of any wood flooring product, luxury vinyl plank or laminate Luxury vinyl plank Install -below and above grade Floor prep.

What Our Clients Say

  • I thank this company so much. We were searching and searching for a company that we could trust to do a great job and in our budget! Thank you very much - Janet T.

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